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January 29, 2020

Turning Resolutions Into Results

The way to success is changing your mentality to a plan of action, and deciding to get things done.
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Show Notes

Are you the type of person that makes resolutions? Are you afraid that you will fail?

On today's episode, Kass and Steve are talking about turning your resolutions into results. Have you ever wondered why your resolutions aren’t sticking? When you make resolutions, do you come up with a game plan? Are you clear on what your steps are? Clarity comes from action, creating opportunity fires signals in your brain to look for new possibilities. This will open a doorway to success.

Whatever thing you are feeding in your soul, it will win. If you are telling yourself negative thoughts and why you won’t succeed at something, or if you are telling yourself that you shouldn’t start a resolution because you feel like you’ll fail, you will. Changing your mentality to a plan of action, and deciding to get things done is the way to success. Whether it’s waking up 30 minutes earlier, going to the gym, reading more books, etc. Whatever your resolution is, take action.

When you realize that resolutions take work, success takes work, and take ownership of that, your resolutions will turn into habits, and those habits turn into results.

Don’t forget you can catch them on their YouTube channel! See what they are really doing behind the scenes.

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