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October 9, 2019

Teen Talk With Dayne Martin!

Kass' oldest son Dayne, is giving us an inside look into what teen life is like in 2019.
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Show Notes

How do you talk to teens these days? Well, we have a teen who is answering questions today!

On this episode, Kass is sitting down with her oldest son, Dayne! A 15 year old teenager who is giving us an inside look into what teen life is like in 2019. And on the flip side, Kass is giving us a peek into what being a mom to a teenager is like. If you have teenagers, and are worried about how to communicate with them, this podcast is for you!

Kass asks Dayne all the questions parents shouldn’t be afraid to ask their teen. She asks about social media, girls, cliques, how cool of a mom she is, and more. Her biggest tip is instead of asking ’yes’ or ’no’ questions, switch to interesting questions instead. This will help drive conversations between parents and teens.

Kass reminds Dayne that she has never been a parent to a teenager before, and raising a child is a lot of pressure. Do you feel like that with your oldest? This podcast will help ease your minds and know that trying your best is all you have.

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