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November 13, 2019

Say YES to Saying NO

Kass and Steve talk about saying yes and saying no, and why it’s important to have boundaries.
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Show Notes

Have you ever felt backed into a corner when it comes to saying Yes?

On today’s episode, Kass and Steve are talking about saying yes and saying no, and the power those two small words can hold. Saying yes all the time has the same benefits of saying no all the time, which aren’t a lot of benefits. Kass and Steve break it down and tell us why that is, and why it’s important to have boundaries.

Learning how to say yes at the right moment and learning how to say no at the right moment is going to serve a better purpose to you and the people in your life in the long run. It might be uncomfortable at first, but it will save you from over committing or being pressured into a situation you never wanted to be in the first place.

Having boundaries is ok. Saying yes is ok. Saying no is ok. Saying yes to
adventure when you don’t normally will give you life experience. Saying no to situations you know won’t make you happy in the long run is important too.

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