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October 4, 2021

Quieting Your Internal, Insecure Voice

The moment we stop comparing ourselves is the moment we are able to see how great we are actually doing.
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Show Notes

What’s getting in the way of your mental toughness? Your internal, insecure voice.

Insecurity doesn’t just tell us, “no you can’t” or “you shouldn’t.” Insecurity oftentimes causes us to highlight other people’s abilities or success and minimize or compare our own in a negative way.

This trap of insecurity we get stuck in can seriously deter and distract us from our own progress and fulfillment in life.

So how do we avoid the insecurity trap?

In this episode, Kass and Steve discuss the pitfalls of comparison and how to quiet and overcome your internal insecure voice.

We can learn how to celebrate and cheer on the success of others without it taking anything away from us.

In fact, doing so can actually inspire us and instill hope that there is success to be had! Other people have found success, happiness, and fulfillment so we can too!

This episode is all about shifting your mindset, focusing on your own journey, and leaving behind the distraction of comparison.

Being secure and confident is all about seeing the greatness in others AND the greatness within yourself.

The moment we stop comparing ourselves is the moment we are able to see how great we are actually doing.

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