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October 23, 2019

Perspectives on Life

Changing your perspective is that tiny shift that can make the biggest impact on life.
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Show Notes

Do you have positive or negative perspectives?

Kass and Steve are talking about perspectives on life on today’s episode. You often hear people say that they are a negative person or a positive person when it comes to their outlook on life, but Kass and Steve are
here to tell you that it’s about your perspective, and how you can change your mindset.

Changing your perspective can make all the difference in how you see things or deal with situations in your day. It is that tiny shift that makes the biggest impact. You can look back on your life at the things that have happened, whether they were good or bad and with a perspective shift, you will realize that those have shaped you into the person you have become. Kass and Steve refer to events in their own life as a perfect example of this practice.

It can be beneficial to have different perspectives on life. There will be hard times and great times and shifting perspectives are beneficial for both circumstances.

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