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September 16, 2021

How to Put in 5% More Effort and Get 95% More Results

Really small shifts make a huge impact, you can change any day from crappy to happy within five minutes.
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The Fun Road with Kass & Steve

The path to success, happiness, and fulfillment doesn’t have to be so hard! In each episode, we’ll show you an easy step you can take  to find your voice, feel more confident, and create the life you truly deserve! And we’ll have a lot of fun along the way…

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Show Notes

If you don’t take care of the first dandelion that makes its way into your yard, pretty soon you’ll have a whole field of them, right?

You’ve got to nip it in the bud!

The same thing applies with a lot of difficulties, challenges, or even just tasks we’re presented within our lives.

Whether it’s in your relationships, your job, or at home, we all have those things that sit in the back of our brain nagging away and causing us to worry and stress. Over time they get built up in our minds as this huge roadblock we have to overcome and it can be overwhelming.

In reality, most of these issues can be taken care of with 5% effort if we “nip it in the bud!” If we can learn to dedicate 5 minutes here and there as problems arise, they won’t become a 5 hour issue down the road!

In this episode, Kass and Steve talk about the difference that daily “5 minute miracles” can make in your life with their own personal examples and stories.

Really small shifts make a huge impact, you can change any day from crappy to happy within five minutes.

Don’t forget! Kass and Steve have a YouTube channel! Tune in to watch them record their podcasts, and get in on the fun!

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