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December 18, 2019

Confidence is the Keystone

Confidence is the glue that holds your success, friendships, careers, and whatever your ambition is in life.
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The path to success, happiness, and fulfillment doesn’t have to be so hard! In each episode, we’ll show you an easy step you can take  to find your voice, feel more confident, and create the life you truly deserve! And we’ll have a lot of fun along the way…

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Show Notes

Confidence is the Keystone to success. It is the glue that holds everything else together.

Kass and Steve talk about confidence in this podcast. And while they mention confidence a lot, today they are talking about how confidence is the keystone to everything else. It is the thing that holds your success, friendships, careers, whatever your ambition is in life, confidence is the glue.

Kass and Steve say that confidence over competence beats it every time, and they are here to share their stories of how confidence got them to where they are today. That doesn’t mean they haven’t failed, they have their share of failures. But, through maintaining confidence they have found success. Fear is going to hold you back. Fear of failure, too scared to try, you will always be heading down the same road.

Confidence is the moving force that pushes you in the successful direction.
Confidence takes practice. Just like riding a bike, it takes muscle memory. Being confident is not being arrogant. Kass and Steve talk about the differences of these two words as well.

Kass and Steve have a YouTube Channel! Tune in to see what is happening live.

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