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January 15, 2020

Addiction: You Can’t Always See It

Habits can turn into addictions. Snapping out of a bad attitude can create the habit of being positive.
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Show Notes

When you hear the word Addiction, where does your mind go? Does it go to physical addiction? Kass and Steve are talking about addiction on today’s episode.

They are talking about the addictions you can’t see. Such as someone who is addicted to self loathing, or putting themself down. Or addicted to creating some sort of unnecessary drama in their life. Do you know someone like this? Maybe you are guilty of this type of behavior addiction yourself. And while they mention confidence a lot, today they are talking about how confidence is the keystone to everything else. It is the the thing that holds your success, friendships, careers together. Whatever your ambition is in life, confidence is the glue.

Kass and Steve talk about the time we spend thinking about the things that are bad about ourself, or thinking about all the things we don’t have. That inner dialogue is something that can be an addiction. The first step is admitting that you do it, and the next step is to work on it. Growing from it and getting better every day is what this Fun Road is all about.

Habits can turn into addictions. Snapping out of a bad attitude can create the habit of being positive, and then becoming addicted to the positive!

Kass and Steve have a YouTube Channel! Tune in to see what is happening live.

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