Relying On The Positive Energy Of Colleagues Is Inspiring

Energy is contagious. Who fuels you when you need that inspiration and who do you inspire to reach higher heights?
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October 8, 2021
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Hard work isn’t a solo job. We are constantly fueled by those around us to work harder, smarter, and to try new things. Surrounding yourself with positive people you can turn to is key to success especially when your own self motivation needs a little extra nudge.

My drive and motivation come from a combination of my own inner beliefs as well as the positive influence of others. One thing that has inspired me, again and again, is the hard work and dedication of my colleagues. I see what they’re doing and it fuels me to work hard.

When my work environment is filled with those who are self-motivated, I feel pulled to give my best efforts. I see the positive examples of my teammates at work and it shows me what the results of hard, consistent work look like.

Tough challenges in the office-whether that office space looks a little different these days or not, are much easier to solve when I share them with my co-workers. Getting their feedback and ideas brings all kinds of solutions I hadn’t thought of before. 

Tell me if you’re like me- whenever I feel down, I turn to my friends who have a zest for life. Those friends who are always finding solutions to problems, who are optimistic, who stay positive. That positive outlook cheers me up and their perspective reminds me that I have a lot to be grateful for.

My friends also encourage me by reminding me of my strengths. Often times we get in the habit of putting ourselves down and highlighting our faults that we don’t remember our strengths and these positive friends always bring that out. Sometimes hearing a vote of confidence from others is all that is required to keep me going. 

I also LOVE being that friend to them. Spreading joy to others is something that always comes back and gives me more energy.  It’s almost my way of saying thanks to them for being that listening ear and voice of reason through the years.

Today and every day, I choose to surround myself with others whose energy uplifts and encourages me. Energy is so contagious. You want to make sure you are surrounding yourself with this positivity and that you are also providing that to others. 

Here are some great questions to ask yourself:

  1. What are some of my challenges that I share with my colleagues and friends?
  2. What are some of the lessons that I learn from spending time with positive people?
  3. How do I fight my way out of a negative state of mind?
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