My Zest For Life Drives Me

Try these affirmations to put a little more pep in your step, turn up the vibrancy, and restore your zest for life.
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November 26, 2021
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When I woke up this morning, I did the same thing I do first thing every morning. I immediately made my bed so I felt like a goal crusher and I started looking for the beautiful things around me.

When I look around and appreciate the small things, life is exciting. When I feel excited about life, it motivates me to work hard, play hard, and enjoy the successes that come my way.

I know that as long as I remain emotionally connected to the things that I yearn for in life, I can eventually achieve them. That’s our goal right?

Keeping our goals close so that we can remind ourselves of what we are striving for will keep us motivated to do the work needed. I love the journey of becoming. It’s not always about the final product, in fact it rarely is the exciting part. The exciting part is the growing, learning and becoming.

Try these affirmations to keep yourself motivated and use your zest for life to drive you forward!

I have a vibrancy that motivates me to keep moving forward toward the life of my dreams.

I look for the simple joys in my life so that I am excited about each day. I indulge in activities I like, which rejuvenates me so I can work hard as well. Fun isn’t just for the young, happiness isn’t just for the rich, I do what makes me feel alive.

My zest for life truly compels me to continue creating the best life I can.

I see and appreciate the beauty I am surrounded by. I look for the good in others and it inspires me to be better. I surround myself with people who have a zest for life and appreciate its beauty like I do. There are so many good things in store for me each day. When I stop to appreciate the little things in life, each and every day is exciting.

Self-Reflection Questions:

Do I feel a zest for life? Am I satisfied?
What is keeping me from feeling more exhilarated about my life?
How can I increase my zeal for life?

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