Finding Passion Through the Power of Words

These tips and affirmations will help you ignite your passion and live a life more catered to YOU and your dreams.
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October 15, 2021
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You may be so busy with the to-do’s of life that you’ve completely lost the passion for what you do. Have you asked yourself lately what you’re passionate about? Are you excited about the things you do? Let’s get excited about life and turn our everyday into one of passion and fulfillment.

Do you feel as if you’re living a passionless life? Are the dreams you once had a thing of the past and now you feel stuck in the mundane of everyday life? Do you feel you have lost that passion for what you do? Where you work? How you live?

There are many things that can cause you to live a life without passion. Maybe your childhood dreams were always put down by others, you got stuck in a job you hate, or maybe you’ve never had the chance to tap into those dreams of yours you’ve been dying to pursue. Maybe you feel selfish taking the time to develop these dreams or you are so busy with all your other obligations that your true dreams get lost in the shuffle of the “have to do’s.” Is this ringing a bell? 

  • Today, you must make the commitment to pursue your passion!

Give Yourself the Freedom to Discover Passion

You’re a deserving person! You might not believe that right now but it’s true! You have the right and the need to feel passionate about the things that are near and dear to you. You deserve this! We all do!

You may not even realize what you’re missing if you never had a chance to find and develop your goals. Discover your passion and embrace it because it can lead you to a life without limits!

You can even turn your passion into a career, hobby, or a way to network with people. 

  • Passion can improve every aspect of your life. Passion is the thing that excites you, fuels you, gets you motivated. It’s your passion that makes your life positive and fulfilling.

When first starting your quest toward your dreams, you may wonder, “What is there to be passionate about?” That’s perfectly normal. Many people start out with the same question. Even if you feel that way, it’s never too late for you to find something that excites you and taps into your real purpose and dreams. 

Not sure what you’re passionate about? Life can get so busy that we forget what we even love to do! We have put that on the back burner for so long that we can hardly remember that version of ourselves. Let’s get creative! You can gain a fresh perspective in your life when you take some time to expand your comfort zone and pursue the things that you’d never considered before. For example, I never wanted to travel. I was actually quite scared about it. I was happy in my comfort zone. Once I started traveling for work, it opened up a whole new side of me that is fueled by adventure and living life to the fullest. I had no idea this was a passion of mine until I tried it.

Passion Affirmations Can Spark Your Passion

You may be able to find your passion through the power of affirmations. When you give yourself permission to be passionate, you may suddenly find that you’re more enthusiastic about things than you previously dreaded.

  • Passion affirmations are positive statements that change the way you think about life and the world around you.

Affirmations positively influence your subconscious. Passion affirmations can bring to light a wonderful new way of living that’s full of joy, abundance, and gratitude.

For example, when you get out of bed each morning, you might say to yourself, “Living with passion for life is a way to show how much I love and value myself.”

Every time you repeat this statement you’re reaffirming that thought in your mind. At the same time, you’re eliminating negative thoughts that may be holding you back.

Choose affirmations that you feel speak to you and relate to your own feelings. Repeat them several times each day and soon you’ll discover the joys of living a passionate life!

Try These Affirmations

This world is filled with doubt and negativity, but I avoid allowing it to overcome me. When I concentrate on things that I am passionate about, I gain confidence. My commitment to my goals is renewed when I constantly work towards them.

Passion projects give me a sense of excitement. Each time I participate in them, I am uplifted. Hours pass by without me knowing because of how fulfilling those projects are. They remind me that I have potential.

Pursuing the things I am passionate about makes me grateful for each day. I am glad to be alive and excited about what life will unfold. When I treat every moment as precious, I feel fulfilled and motivated.

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